Homeowners and Renters Insurance

Whether you are a homeowner or live in an apartment, your home and it’s belongings are two of the most important things in your life. At Meder-Bush Insurance Agency we realize this and offer a wide variety of plans to help you protect your lifestyle.

Property and liability are two of the coverages we offer. The average consumer is frequently confused by all of the terms and policies. That’s where our friendly, well-informed agents can help you. A licensed agent will be assigned to work with you to determine your personal insurance needs and how best to meet those needs.

As a Meder-Bush client, you can expect courteous, considerate attention to your needs from our staff of Customer Service Representatives. Someone familiar with your account will be available to give you the service you expect and answer your questions.

Some common coverage concerns that we run across almost daily:

  • Do I have enough coverage on my property?
  • A┬áhome insurance policy does not provide coverage for flood or earthquake. The coverage is available though.
  • Jewelry needs to listed separately.
  • Coverage for sewer back-up must be added if needed.